Italian Excellence

Ferrari is the builder of cars given unique in terms of their performance, innovations, technology, driving pleasure and design. Being Ferrari means being part of a unique future-focused team in which people are the most valuable resource.

Cars acknowledged the world over as the pinnacle of Made in Italy achievement.

Behind the Brand

The Ferrari logo with its iconic Prancing Horse symbolizes Italian luxury, exclusivity, performance, design and quality the world over. Ferrari's are built on decades of sporting successes and the inimitable style.

ferrari Taurozza

The Legend

Ferrari has a place all of its own in the automotive industry’s hall of fame making it the legend in both sport and luxury automotive.

Ferrari Engine

Art of the Engine

Regardless of the model or its mission, the heart of every Ferrari is its engine which must, of course, deliver the classic Ferrari power unit qualities: blistering performance combined with high revs, razor-sharp responsiveness, powerful acceleration at all speeds.

A lot of work also went into improving mechanical efficiency, not least the new oil pump that supplies oil either at high pressure or low pressure and cylinder heads with roller finger followers. Flat-plane crankshaft architecture guarantees maximum compactness, lower mass and helps improve the engine’s internal fluid-dynamics by ensuring equal pulse spacings and thus balance between the cylinders.

Designed for Elegance

Ferrari puts high emphasis on color design, and the vehicle’s exterior can be produced in one of a range of different tones and finishes. No only the exterior but the interior is blanketed in high quality leathers, produced in both natural and bolder colors. Everything from the piping to the stitching to the insignia color on the seats is available in an expansive range of colors.

Designed for Speed

This version is made of fine wood veneer, so that the color and grain of the different parts have natural variations. There will also be a slight difference between products.


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Taurozza Product Ferrari GTC4Lusso Front

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

: ($298,900.00)
Taurozza Product Ferrari F8Tributo

Ferrari F8 Tributo

: ($276,550.00)
Taurozza Product Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari 812 Superfast

: ($363,730.00)