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Tarson Pools is a company that has been around for more then 75+ Years. It started and remains a family business in the central New York Region. We took on the project of re-branding and re-imagining the way pool shopping was and made into something . We are constantly ever changing the Tarson Pools & Spas updates with new features, products, and design.

Meaningful SEO research and well thought keywords

One of the most crucial piece of every website is the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Tarson Pools has been lacking in content and meaningful SEO. So we worked from the ground up from content to well planned out Meta Descriptions and Focus Keywords that would boost Tarson Pools to the top rank of search rankings. It currently stands Tarson Pools ranks as first results even in California.

Making marketing and sales excellence

Once a stale and simple media gallery website to a complex and perfect marketing/sales tool for the entire company. The website packs features for both customers and employees. Advanced Quoting and Product Selector for customers and Automation and organization for the employees.

Website History

Tarson Pools from 2001

Website from 2001 (Before Taurozza)

Cred: Wayback Machine

Tarson Pools from 2011

Website from 2011 (Before Taurozza)

Cred: Wayback Machine

Tarson Pools website new

Current Day website re-imagined by Taurozza Networks

Packed with rich features and advanced organization and selling tools.


Advanced quoting system allows customers to talk to a rep prior to seeing the pricing. It also helps create automated leads and sales pipeline.


There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. We implemented automated Sales Pipeline and Lead builder. A full automated ai email and text reply to keep customers in the loop.


A new wave of getting a hold of customers is texting directly with a Rep. We implemented with the website a texting system with automated questions and newsletters.


Most important part of a website is the content and is plays a big roll in selling customers. We included rich and important information with meaningful transitions HD photo and videos that would grab the customers attention.


Let the numbers speak

We have changed the way shopping was at Tarson Pools, amid COVID the modernization and virtual shopping made it easier for customers. Creating new customers with advanced SEO research.

Visitor Increase

After taking on the project the increase of Traffic has went up about 55% ranking in 7,500 new users every month

Revenue Increase

Since the changes and the additional products their has been an 45% increase of sold products since the implementation. The Net Sale leads in 6 Months approximated 2.4 Million in Revenue.

Longer Sessions

We had a greater success rate of users staying longer on the website. This is great for converting a customer into a lead.

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