The world of 3D printing continues to grow and over the past couple of years, has started to make its presence felt across the automotive world.

One of the biggest appeals of 3D printing is that it is technology available to anyone, well, as long as you have the money to buy a 3D printer, that is. One man in the United States has put 3D printing to good use and created a life-size Lamborghini Aventador replica.

The Drive reports that physicist and adjunct professor at the Colorado State University, Sterling Backus, was playing Forza Horizon 3 with his young son when he had the idea of creating his own Aventador. Backus originally intended on using traditional coach-building methods to make his dream of owning a (faux) Lamborghini a reality.


However, he ultimately decided that the best way to make an Aventador replica was to use 3D printing. Armed with a $650 QIDI Xpro 3D printer and two cheaper printers, he started to print the exterior parts for the Aventador in small sections. With the parts in hand, he then glued them together with a methyl methacrylate adhesive. The 3D parts weren’t overly strong so Barkus decided to skin the parts in carbon fiber for added strength and rigidity.

Backus was able to 3D print the vast majority of the vehicle’s exterior panels and details, including the taillights that look virtually identical to those of a real Aventador.

Sitting at the heart of the Lamborghini replica isn’t a 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine but instead a 5.7-liter GM LS1 from a 2003 Chevrolet Corvette. To increase power, a pair of turbochargers were fitted.

Work on the replica continues. Be sure to check out Backus’ YouTube channel to see the entire build.