We at Taurozza like our petrol/gas engine but we can share the world with our hybrid counterparts. Especially when it comes to performance and speed. The new electronic Maserati Alfieri is soon going to production in late 2019, and says to be the Tesla Roadster equivalent, hence claimed by Auto Magazines to be better then the Tesla Roadster when it comes to performance and luxury.

Maserati Sensous Alfieri 2

Our friend Julian Rendell at Autocar magazine reports that the production Alfieri will be smaller than today’s GranTurismo, though it will retain its 2+2 configuration.


Maserati Sensous Alfieri 3

This smaller car will be powered by a twin-turbo gasoline V6 engine at launch, for better efficiency than today’s V8, and will be followed by a battery electric two-seat version.

The combination of reduced size, weight, and engine displacement, along with the available electric drive, will ensure that Maserati is able to meet future government limitations on fuel consumption. What the cost will be in loss of the Alfieri’s Italian charisma remains to be seen, but with looks like this, surely they won’t let us down.