Welcome! This is the official page of Taurozza Automotive. A little backstory in case new people are stopping by. Taurozza is my original family name before coming to the USA. Since 1920 my family lived in the Central New York region. I then began my original business called Anazro(Custom Computer Parts) at the age of 14y. After a couple successful years it ended quite quickly due to new industries grew larger and larger for these types of items. So I decided to scrap the idea and move on. I have decided to start a conglomerate business meaning Taurozza Auto (Automotive), Taurozza Network(Computer Networking company) and Taurozza Dev (Development/Programming). Also more to come down the road.


Any hoo, this is the new website. Have a look around keep in mind its fresh so not a lot of content right now. I do have many plans to  make Taurozza more sociable company. We are planning on having grew meet ups and car meets.
Also if you are looking to purchase cars new or used we do outsourcing which means we will find and bid for the car you looking for so you can drive the car of your dreams 💭. We really do appreciate taking the time out of your day to read about us as well! Also currently we have our fan base on our instagram that surprisingly grew quick in the matter of 3 days. We are currently standing at 1,450 followers.


Follow our gram: @TaurozzaAuto



Thank You for being apart of the journey!